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  1. Sunday hunting permitted.
  2. Four wheelers permitted.
  3. No minimum antler size but please allow young deer to grow if possible .
  4. $200.00 fine for illegal hunting. (1st offense)
  5. Loss of membership possible with no refund for illegal hunting.
  6. Any trout caught must be returned to stream. – browns and brooks only
  7. During turkey season, dogs only allowed from 1 p.m. until 1 hour before sunrise.
  8. No dog training from September 15 until the open of season.
  9.  Non-members can retrieve dogs from lease after notifying members and signing. Addendum sheets and wavers 
  10. Non-member guests allowed anytime but are not allowed to hunt, except children under age 15 can small game hunt. Members can purchase a onetime 7 day small game guest permit for 10.00 After signing waver and addendum
  11. Membership includes spouse children under 18 years of age and children that are full time students up to 22 years of age and active military.
  12.  No deer drives until after 3rd day of deer season.
  13. Members and guest must carry membership hunting club I.D. and parking permits must be visible in the vehicle and stickers visible on four wheelers.
  14. No hunting from other members tree stands or in view of another member. Members are limited to 2 stands or blinds  or feeders on property at a time.
  15. Everyone must respect the rights of other club members.
  16. Everyone must obey ALL STATE LAWS and LOCAL LAWS.
  17. MEMBERSHIP DUES will be due by the 15 of April, anyone not paying at least half  by  the 15 of April will be charged an additional $50. The remaining ½ will be due no later than the 15 of May. The first half is non-refundable if the second half is not paid on time. Anyone not paying dues in full by May 15 will be dropped for the year.
  18. Any member leaving the club cannot be taken on the club property as a guest any time by any other member.
  19. Any member that has left or not rejoined the club will be PROSICUTED if caught trespassing.
  20. Any member not renewing membership must Immediately RETURN their key(s) and membership cards to a(n) officer of the club for refund of key deposit for ($5.00) . Anyone not RETURNING KEYS will be taken to Court for the cost of replacing ALL KEYS AND LOCKS on the hunting club property.
  21. Any tree stand, feeder, or blind must have members name or I.D.# or it will be removed , beginning June the 1st 2010.
  22.  No permanent stand, blind, or feeder’s permitted and no permanent hardware for attachments.                                             
  23. All members REQUIRED to sign the ADDENDUM SHEETS, applications or wavers and with their signature they acknowledge that they Agree to abide by all HUNT CLUB Allegheny Rural forestlands, LLC. And PH timber, LLC. Rules regulations and bylaws and understand that the same signatures are a release of responsibility of reliability for Allegheny Rural Forestlands LLC., PH timber LLC. And Big Knob Hunting Club its officers and members also any private property owners that we travel through to access any part of our lease(s).
  24. Members that have been members for 3 consecutive years prior to or after their 65 birthday can continue membership by paying ½ dues, or free if they can fill their slot with a new member. Members with 5 consecutive years of membership on or after their 70 birthday will be considered honorary members at no cost.  
  25. Campers can only remain on club property for a maximum of 60 days.
  26. Big Knob Hunting Club is offering a $250 reward (per incident/per conviction) to anyone, (member or non-member) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any game violation or trespassing.